You’re Not Saving Enough

Last month, California’s largest public pensions system, CalPERS, lowered its forecast of expected annual investment returns to 6.5%. Prior to this decision, the expected annual return was 7.5%. This was a major decision affecting the future of our largest state pension system. Here are a couple more relevent facts regarding CalPERS: it currently has $291.4 Read more about You’re Not Saving Enough[…]

Putting Your Interests First!!

This morning, I read (and watched) an NBC News Report titled: “The Great 401(k) Experiment Has Failed for Many Americans.”  The report goes on to state that the median 401(k) retirement account balance of working Americans is $18,433.  That’s it!  For some of you, that’s just 2-months of family living expenses…and then you’re out! While Read more about Putting Your Interests First!![…]