Discipline and Savings; a Perfect Match!

The savings rate in this country is dismal. The most recent number (July 2018) reported by Trading Economics was 6.7%. Personal savings rate is defined as “the ratio of personal income saved to personal net disposable income during a certain period of time.” That means that the average income earner only saves $6.70 out of Read more about Discipline and Savings; a Perfect Match![…]

How $5,500 Might Turn into $60,000

Want to know how $5,500 might turn into $60,000? I’ll explain in a moment. …But first, if you recall last month’s newsletter describing how a young adult (Millenial) might be working through their challenging financial decision making process, let’s explore why this younger generation also has so much potential to grow their wealth. …back to Read more about How $5,500 Might Turn into $60,000[…]

You’re Not Saving Enough

Last month, California’s largest public pensions system, CalPERS, lowered its forecast of expected annual investment returns to 6.5%. Prior to this decision, the expected annual return was 7.5%. This was a major decision affecting the future of our largest state pension system. Here are a couple more relevent facts regarding CalPERS: it currently has $291.4 Read more about You’re Not Saving Enough[…]